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Salasar Core Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (SCSPL) is the pioneer and market leader in industrial scrap management solutions in India.
For over 30 years, SCSPL clients have improved business process efficiency through our end to end scrap management services.
We handle the entire pre-auction, auction and post-auction process professionally.
Our (automated yet 100% customized) solutions fit every need and budget.

Services offered by SCSPL include:
* Formulation and deployment of scrap management solutions
* Organizing and conducting forward and reverse auctions
* Segregation, bundling and unbundling of lot sizes
* Fixing of reserve price
* Receipts Management

At our open trading platform, the market determines the values of goods sold. Our module is dynamic, user-friendly, transparent, and gives you a 100% secured access.
Our broad database and superior Business Collaboration Network integrates inter-enterprise commerce and will improve your buyer-seller-customer relationships.

SCSPL's expertise includes:
* Selling all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap
* Selling residues of lead, zinc, copper, aluminum, drosses, oils and miscellaneous scrap with PCB authorized and unauthorized parties.
* Selling non-moving, surplus stores, spares and secondaries
* Sale of plant and machinery, vehicles and equipments
* Assistance in disposal of NPA’s and NMI’s
* Project Scrap Management
* Disposal of closed and sick industrial units.

SCSPL's clients include:-
* Sterlite Industries Ltd.
* Sterlite Technologies Ltd.
* Bharat Aluminum Co. Ltd. (BALCO)
* Vedanta Aluminum Co. Ltd.
* Hindustan Zinc Ltd.
* GHCL Limited
* Systematic Industries Ltd.

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